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Weight loss surgeon Doctor Terry Simpson performs three types of bariatric surgery: Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Plication and the Lap-band. Many sections in this website have videos that will educate you about these bariatric surgeries, including those about our outstanding support. So please explore. You can learn all about Phoenix Arizona's most experienced weight loss surgeon and his practice by watching his videos.

Gastric Sleeve surgery in Phoenix Arizona by Doctor Terry Simpson

The Gastric Sleeve is one half of a Duodenal Switch operation. The only difference is that a Duodenal Switch includes a bypass. Gastric Sleeve surgery is purely restrictive (no bypass). A large portion of the stomach is removed resulting in up to a 90 percent reduction in its capacity. What makes this procedure the best of the nonreversible surgeries is that the lower portion of the stomach is not removed (as it is with RNY bypass). Leaving the lower stomach in tact allows for full natural digestion - minimizing side effects. We realize we are reversing our position as proponents of reversible bariatric operations. The reason? Gastric Sleeve surgery is covered by most insurance companies. For health reasons some people need to have weight loss surgery and we want to make certain they can get it. The Duodenal Switch bypass was Terry's operation of choice prior to Lap-band surgery becoming available. Combining past experience with Duodenal Switch and experience with Gastric Sleeve, results in our weight loss surgeon having many years more experience with Gastric Sleeve surgery than most bariatric doctors.

Learn about Gastric Sleeve surgery

Low price for Gastric Plication surgery in a study by Doctor Terry Simpson

Gastric Plication Surgery has been proven to be a very safe bariatric operation for over a decade. But, Gastric Plication is just now being introduced into the United States. Learn how you can get Gastric Plication surgery at a reduced price.

Gastric Plication Surgery Deal

Gastric Plication surgeon Doctor Terry Simpson - one of the most experienced in the US

Doctor Simpson is the first weight loss surgeon to do Gastric Imbrication in Phoenix Arizona. This highly technical procedure provides the latest reversible method for treating obesity. Without amputating the stomach like the gastric sleeve, the imbrication allows the stomach to remain whole but by some highly technical suturing, keeps the stomach from holding too much. "I like bariatric operations that are reversible," Doctor Simpson says. "The Lap-Band is a great procedure, so is the Gastric Plication, and often times we do both procedures together." The combination of Lap-band surgery and Gastric Plication is called an Imbricated Lap-band or iLap. Why do both procedures together? Because they work in two centers for weight loss - the Lap-Band decreases appetite and the Gastric Imbrication makes you feel full. Currently our bariatric surgeon is offering this new procedure in Arizona as a part of a research protocol.

Videos About Gastric Plication Surgery

Our weight loss surgeon does first Single Incision Lap-band Surgery in Arizona

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) offers the latest and least invasive weight loss surgery available. What does Single Incision Lap-band Surgery mean for you? Three or four less incisions are required to execute the procedure. You only receive one incision into your body instead of four or five. This redefines Lap-band surgery as being minimally invasive. Laparoscopic procedures have been the most minimally invasive method of operation. Limiting the number of incisions to one instead of four or five further minimizes scarring, making the procedure almost unnoticeable on the outside of your body (with only one very tiny scar). But the best news is on the inside of your body. Less incisions means less surgical trauma and shorter healing and recovery time. Not every weight loss surgeon will be able to do SILS as it requires special cameras and specialized laparoscopic surgical instruments.

Learn About Single Incision Lap-band Surgery (SILS)

Why Lap-band Surgery?

The Lap-band is one of the most safe weight loss surgeries available today. While no procedure is without risk, the Lap-band does not surgically alter your digestive system and is among the least invasive methods. The Lap-band (and Gastric Plication) is among the most modern bariatric surgeries available. Outdated Gastric bypass procedures including Duodenal switch and Roux-en-y (RNY) require major surgical modifications to your stomach and intestinal tract. Our goal is to educate every patient about which procedure is safe for them and how they can decrease surgical risk. We are committed to safe bariatric procedures with the finest aftercare and support.

Learn About Bariatric Surgery

LAP-BAND SURGERY SALE - $9,995 deal by Doctor Terry Simpson

Have Lap-band surgery at a reduced price by Arizona's most experienced weight loss surgeon. In this outpatient bariatric operation bargain you won't be getting a procedure by a doctor with little to no experience. Doctor Terry Simpson pioneered Lap-band surgery in Arizona. He is a trainer of Lap-band surgeons in the Phoenix Arizona Valley. Take advantage of this limited time offer. Now you can get cheap Lap-band surgery by one of Phoenix Arizona's most skilled weight loss surgeons..

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What is our ONLINE Lap-band surgery seminar?

It is a seminar for people that do not have the time to attend a seminar. Learning all of your options in weight loss surgery can take time. You may be one of many people whose life is overflowing in its fullness...taking care of children and/or a demanding career. Doctor Simpson has created a Lap-band seminar online just for you. The difference in this seminar and others on the web is that this one is presented by the weight loss surgeon himself. Doctor Simpson personally has created a series of videos about bariatric operations and the lifestyle of living with them. You can learn almost everything you need to know about bariatric procedures directly from an experienced (yet affordable) weight loss surgeon in Arizona. Terry's videos really allow you to get to know him.

View Our ONLINE Lap-band Surgery Seminar  or  Attend a FREE Live Lap-band Seminar In-person

Why Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)?

Diet, exercise, and medical weight loss programs often fail because your body has a genetic set-point for you to be overweight. You may be a person that can’t lose the pounds despite serious lifelong attempts using diet and exercise.

Permanent weight loss…you DON'T have to live with severe obesity

Being severely overweight can limit your enjoyment and pleasure in life. It can limit your mobility, making it difficult for you to keep up with your spouse and your friends. It makes you less able to enjoy simple pleasures like playing with your kids or grandchildren. We have support groups and seminars, nutrition classes, non-surgical programs, and the surgical solution with an aftercare program that will help you succeed with weight loss surgery. Most of all we are people that care and together we will regain your active life.

We deliver LIFETIME support in healthy weight loss

...nothing comes close to the quality of our support groups anywhere else. Doctor Terry Simpson invests much more personal time and resources into his programs than the average doctor. How does Doctor Simpson promote your good health? One way is through nutritional support groups hosted by a registered dietitian (and the doctor himself). Our support groups not only cause patients to lose pounds and keep it off, they also help them regain health. Only 27% of women and 19% of men report eating the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Poor diet can cause obesity. Beyond a person’s heredity, poor dietary habits can contribute to heart disease and diabetes. Doctor Simpson supplies you with tools you need to be thin AND healthy without losing the pleasures of food. Support is the critical difference between Doctor Simpson's organizations and lesser organizations such as franchises that are quick to sell you a procedure without real support. Support is the key to success. For some patients true results can only be obtained and maintained with comprehensive support. We provide the finest support for your entire lifetime and it is included in the cost of a procedure.

Learn About Our Weight Loss Support Group

We can help you regain and retain your health

If there is a cure for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the treatment will include diet and exercise. Between 20% and 30% of the nation’s adults (some 58 million people) are obese and thus have a higher risk for heart attack, high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol (atherosclerosis), and diabetes. Morbid obesity can limit your ability to exercise. If you are overweight and want to avoid symptoms of heart disease or diabetes your doctor will tell you to lose some pounds and exercise. We will help you change your life with diet and exercise.

Terry Simpson M.D. is a great choice in weight loss doctors

Weight loss surgeon Doctor Terry Simpson is an author of books about non-surgical weight loss that present the subject in the simplest terms. He delivers the program you need without overwhelming you. His book “Weight Loss Surgery – A Lighter Look” covers almost every aspect of surgical treatment for weight loss. It delivers more information in common language than most sources about bariatric surgery.

About the Books

Doctor Simpson is an experienced bariatric surgeon

Our clinic has been chosen by many Arizonans for their weight loss surgery. Because we offer a very comprehensive after-care program. Doctor Simpson received his undergraduate, graduate, and medical degrees from The University of Chicago, and conducted his surgical residency at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. He is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons, and is a Fellow in The American College of Surgeons. He was a certified proctor for Allergan, the former manufacturer of the LAP-BAND – uniquely qualifying him to teach other weight loss surgeons around the country and the world how to perform the LAP-BAND bariatric procedure.

True experience in Lap-band surgery produces results

Safe results are due to a skilled weight loss surgeon's true experience. Only through experience can a bariatric surgeon learn how to minimize surgical trauma to the patient. Unnecessary incisions and motions can be learned and eliminated from the procedure resulting in reduced operation time. An experienced surgeon will have mastered contingencies in case of emergency or deviations from the norm. This kind of experience is not held by a staff of bariatric surgeons but is only represented by each individual weight loss surgeon's experience with a specific procedure. Some franchised organizations claim to have executed thousands of bariatric surgeries...and they claim those high numbers as evidence their surgeons have experience. Doctor Simpson having been a proctor for Allergan, the former producer of the Lap-band, has trained bariatric surgeons on many of these large franchise company's staff. At the time of this writing, he knows for a fact that at least one of these franchises has surgeons that have done as few as five (5) Lap-band surgeries. He knows this because he trained them. In addition to doing more Lap-band surgeries than any single weight loss doctor in Arizona, Doctor Simpson has trained many of the independent bariatric surgeons in Arizona too.

Win FREE Laparoscopic Band (Lap-band) fills

Doctor Terry Simpson's expertise in adjusting your Lap-band is unequaled. He will have you eating in comfort while achieving the maximum weight loss possible. Our program offers you tremendous savings while receiving professional and competent medical treatment. For those of you new to the Lapband, remember it is designed to be adjusted to your system. Over your entire lifetime, you can always count on it to be tuned to make you a thinner person, without surgical adjustments. Remember, no other procedure is adjusted without another operation. Once the Lap-band has stabilized frequent adjustments are not necessary. At LEAST once a month we have a drawing for a free fill.

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Our weight loss surgeon is located in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)

We do Lap-band, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Plication bariatric surgeries. We welcome and will accommodate patients from outside the Phoenix Arizona area. Healthy weight loss support groups in addition to informative books about operations result in better care.

Have information about bariatric operations from a weight loss doctor that cares...

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We provide bariatric operations, informational seminars, weight loss support group meetings and programs to the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Mesa, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Casa Grande, Avondale, Buckeye, Peoria, Sun City, Surprise and Glendale, Arizona (AZ) areas

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